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Maybe you want to appoint a contractor to build your new house or to do some alterations, and maybe you’re unsure who to appoint or who will be able to adhere to the time and budget. Well, we have the information you need to put your uncertainties to rest.   If you are a DIY type of person or just a control freak, you will find more than enough information on this website to be able to determine whether your newly appointed contractor or subcontractor is taking advantage of you or not. A “lack of information” will never be a problem when using BuildingContractorsPretoria.net as your number one source of information. Scrolling through the menu or categories, which will be updated on a regular basis, you will find information from foundations to roof erections. However, use this information only as a guideline, a professional should be appointed at all times to design the necessary.

Three Reasons to choose: Building Contractors Pretoria

  1. Experience: Building Contractors Pretoria has more than 20 years experience in the construction industry with numerous successfully completed projects.
  2. Workmanship: Some of our clients include well known architects, thus an indication that our quality of work is top notch and some of the best in the industry.
  3. Qualified: Building Contractors Pretoria, as a NHBRC registered construction company, have been involved in building holiday homes in St Francis Bay, Log Cabins in Belfast as well as exotic game Lodges in the Limpopo Province, which indicates that we can deliver whatever it takes.

As you are well aware, the construction industry in South Africa does not have a very good reputation. This is due to contractors who take advantage of their clients (clients who are often uninformed and unfamiliar with construction projects). There are numerous horror stories of people who have been ripped off by unreliable contractors. These contractors also partake in poor and unethical workmanship. Therefore it is of utmost importance to do the necessary research before appointing a contractor. Familiarize yourself with the project and all the steps that should be taken to ensure the best possible outcome. With that being said, I have compiled a list of “Top Ten Tips To Consider Before Appointing Any Contractor”. In my professional opinion, if you cannot tick these 10 boxes before you appoint a contractor, it will have major consequences. Not even to mention the big financial losses that you might suffer in failing to do so. Building a new house or renovating is a large investment, if not your largest investment, therefore be due diligent in your research efforts to find the right construction company. Choose the construction company that will exceed your expectations and that will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs. Make sure the company has a good reputation and reliable references. And remember it is never too late to make Building Contractors Pretoria your first and only choice.

Top ten tips to consider before appointing any contractor

  1.  Does the contractor have a website?
  2.  Check their references/testimonials from previous clients.
  3.  Check references/testimonials from Professionals (Architects, Engineers, etc.)
  4.  Ask for at least one supplier’s testimonial as well.
  5.  Inspect their work.
  6.  Do they have proper contracts in place?
  7.  Are they NHBRC registered?
  8.  Can the contractor provide proof of insurance?
  9.  Are you dealing with a salesperson or contractor?
  10.  Do not pay any deposits if all of the above is not verified.

More on the above mentioned tips

  1. Does the home builder at least have a web presence? This is important, because any contractor who takes pride in their work, will not miss the opportunity to show off what he or she has completed. A website is also a good way of determining the quality of work as well as the number of projects completed (the more projects, the more credible the contractor). Make sure that the website that you land on is not a lead generating site from unscrupulous online marketers, with fancy disclaimers, that will send you a couple of quotes from unknown sources, because if something goes wrong during construction, they will not take responsibility. They will just refer back to their disclaimer policy or whatever the case may be. Once they get their referral fee from the various contractors, they don’t care about you or your new project.
  2. Review the references from their most recent clients and not from 5 to 10 years ago. Do not rely solely on the opinions and information given by friends and family, seek second and even third opinions.
  3. Check the references from professionals, such as Architects and Engineers. If a builder cannot be endorsed by any professionals, then something is wrong. Professionals know what to look for in contractors and they also know what it takes to be a good and reliable contractor. Thus the opinions of professionals are of utmost importance.
  4. Suppliers are a good source of information, they will quickly let you know whether the contractor reaches payment deadlines. And if the contractor is a slow payer of accounts, it can be an indication that there might be cash flow problems and if so, it will affect the progress of your project.
  5. The least you can do is visit one of their recent projects, therefore you can witness the quality of their work first hand, which will allow you to determine whether the quality of work is something you would be satisfied with.
  6. A proper building contract is either a JBCC 2000 or a BIFSA contract. Avoid contractors who have drawn up contracts by themselves- this is unacceptable. The industry is too complex with many facets and loopholes therefore a substandard contract cannot be used.
  7. A NHBRC registered contractor is not a necessity for alterations or additions, only for new houses, but it is still a good idea to appoint one that is registered with the council. Then you can be rest assured that the contractor at least follows proper procedures and National Building Regulations.
  8. The contractor should be able to provide proof of “Contractors All Risk Insurance”, which should be at least 10% higher than the contract value.
  9. Trust your instincts, if something does not look or feel right, it probably isn’t. Do not fall victim to the sales talk of the contractor. Be sure to appoint a contractor that is able to deliver rather than a salesperson who is all talk and has nothing to show for it.
  10. Lastly, and the most important of them all, DO NOT PAY ANY DEPOSITS before you are 100% sure that all of the above is in place and verified. If one of the above mentioned essentials are overlooked, you will pay the price. Do the extra work and research to avoid costly mistakes.

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