B uilding Contractors Pretoria strive to do well with their team members to ensure long term stability. Inspiring staff members is just relocating their minds using a handy motivational instruction manual that the finest team members could say that they wrote themselves. In this context, words such as “encouraging” becomes the norm in any activity where inspiring is not only something positive but something more commonplace. Inspiring staff is achieved only by placing purpose, plans, and perspective in position that gives everyone an opportunity to grow and thrive in the company.

Here are 5 specific ways to inspire or motivate your team members, much like our contracting crew.

Typically, if I were to ask a staff member exactly what their leading incentive is, numerous would certainly claim its a financial thing. Certainly, there have been several studies which have revealed that money was 2nd on the listing for highly motivated staff members while security was 1st. As fascinating as it sounds…the facts are the facts, and in this case the facts are true to the heart of the team member. Those that have actually been in the construction industry for quite some time now remember their initial huge pay raise. When you’re working hard day in and day out, having an extra bump in that pay makes a huge difference.

In any company, there will always be team days or team events in which that particular company will build culture and team vibe. At our contractors company, we strive to care for our team members in such a way that allows us to showcase their talent, skills, and passions outside of the work environment. Some companies give out actual certificates of achievement, others host an evening full of awards and perks to recognize fellow colleagues.

Another facet of team morale was awareness and acknowledgement. This is a lot easier for administration to monitor and control. While being aware of one’s accomplishments or good work can be a task in and of itself, a simple mention of the the great work will go far. A very notable and widely best practice in the industry is a simple hand-written note with specific words of encouragement and identifying the good things they did.

Completing tasks
Completing a task whether its a major deal or not is something very tangible that a staff member can be measured on. Not only are they feeling a sense of fulfillment by completing a job, but they also get the pleasure of seeing the fruits of their labor from start to finish. That is an extremely gratifying experience and something that should be brought to their attention for personal growth and professional development. Having a quota, a task sheet, a check list, etc is a great way to give people internal incentives to progress in their work skills but also justify and clearly display their value to a company.

Whenever someone is able to clearly grow in their skill set, that is very very good, but can be very very bad. Here’s an example: When John, who came in as a part time worker, does an amazing job and always exceeds expectation and moves on to another job and does that very well too. But now that he’s moving up the ladder quickly, other companies are noticing and are starting to make him offers on how he should join their work force. By rewarding John and giving him incentives to grow and play a meaningful role in your company, it is important for him to know that he doesn’t have a ceiling stalling his forward movement.

Here at Building contractors Pretoria, not only do you get the best information and direct information to contractors you can use, but you’ll also receive information on how to improve your overall approach to business.

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